Into the Paws of Madness is a third-person platformer that explores the idea of mounting difficulty and a constantly changing set of world rules.  The player is the only monk in the monastery that has not been corrupted by the summoning of the sleeping form of Pomerazziag, Elder God of Small Annoying Dogs.  Pomerazziag is slowly waking up and its presence in the world is causing rifts of chaos energy to open up around the ruins of the monastery.  These rifts cause reality to change around them, such as lowering gravity or setting random things on fire.  The player has a magical tablet that can absorb and close the rifts, cancelling their effects, and when she’s gathered enough energy she can take it to the sleeping form of Pomerazziag and banish it back to whatever dark dimension it came from. 


New things presented in our current build, 4/17/13:

* Prototypes for all nine rifts are in and active.
* Updated more assets
* Added a tutorial level
* Implemented a new UI and win condition.

Planned Improvements:

* Pomerazziag and his cultists are currently being rigged and animated.
* The entire level is being redesigned.
* UI assets are being worked on.

The prototype was made in Unity, but at the end of the student development period we will be releasing the game in our own engine built from the ground up. Thank you for checking out our game!

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